"Greetings, normal humans! I'm Izabel, truly the greatest artist to walk this planet. You think you can best me in a game of art? There's not a chance! I'm also a Puella Magi, but that isn't as important as my art."
((Independent roleplaying for the Puella Magi form of Izabel from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Will roleplay with absolutely anyone.))
M/A Status: None
Relationship Status: Hates everyone
orchestratedlove is the witch in control

Another Barrier? I’ve been too unfocused today. Izabel brushed a few loose strands of hair from her forehead and removed her Soul Gem. Within seconds she had changed and had her weapon prepared. She held her giant brush at her side and began to walk. Eventually the sound of a distant orchestra could be heard. Izabel smiled. Music and art were both things that she held close to her heart. Maybe this witch was peaceful.

Izabel shook her head. Not possible, every witch was evil, and killed humans that couldn’t fight back.

After walking through the barrier for a small period of time Izabel had found the witch. Izabel cracked her neck and spoke in a cold voice. “I am Izabel, and my job as a Magi is to end your life. I would like to say one thing, the music of your Barrier is wonderful.”